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  • Pytorch and FER2013 data

    I have decided to jump on the latest AI craze bandwagon. Downloaded pytorch and started playing with it. Since I need neural network to work on body posture and facial expressions (to use it in teaching iconicity in sign language) I checked the FER2013 data, but unfortunately the demo using the data doesn’t work, so…

  • CP2102 USB TTL module

    Similar to FT232 3V3 the CP2102 USB TTL module is recognized by Sonoma, but it’s not working after that. Since I had a similar experience with FT232 I just googled for CP2102 driver and installed it. Problem solved.

  • FT232 3V3 on Mac Sonoma

    Mac recognizes the FT232 cable, but programming AI thinker didn’t work. After some googling I found that I am not alone with this problem. The solution was to install VCP driver (as stated in linked blog post), but (of course) you need to install the latest version (currently 1.5.0).

  • Reworking AI thinker board

    When cleaning the workshop I found a AI thinker board with a microcontroller, ESP8266, relay and DCH11. Just something I was looking for to make a central heating regulator. Anyway – some googling lead me to a great page with detailed info on how to hack the board to use ESP8266. You need to have…

  • Lilygo + Lora

    Got a Lilygo with Lora addition from a customer. Wanted to install a simple Blink app in Arduino, but no success. I assumed that the board is just not recognized in Sonoma and that’s it. Well…I just found out I was wrong. The board is recognized (adding a /dev/… proves that), but I just had…

  • Macbook Sonoma M3 and USB connected gadgets (Arduino, Nordic NRF…, STM32)

    As far as I can tell CH340 drivers are not needed for M.. based Macs (with latest OS) as apparently drivers are included in OS, so if Mac doesn’t find the gadget it might be that you’ve installed outdated drivers. But NRF51 is not recognized out of the box. Working on it.