Lilygo + Lora

Got a Lilygo with Lora addition from a customer. Wanted to install a simple Blink app in Arduino, but no success.

I assumed that the board is just not recognized in Sonoma and that’s it. Well…I just found out I was wrong. The board is recognized (adding a /dev/… proves that), but I just had to find out which ESP32 to select from a list in Arduino.

Luckily, sometimes I got a response from the board in terminal (during programming attempts) so I found out it is a ESP32 PICO-D4.

But programming still didn’t work. After some googling I lowered the upload speed to 115200 and voila.

EDIT: Interesting enough – although programming with ESP32 PICO-D4 board selected is working, LORA doesn’t work. You have to select the TTGO LoRa32-OLED board for Lora to work. Go figure.